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Camping de Charolles

The municipal campsite of Charollescategorized

"Tourist Campground - 3 stars"

is located in the heart of a calm and green environment,

along the Arconce river.

The campsite is in the immediate vicinity of the swimming pool, but also of all the shops in the town center and its restaurants.

Logo candidature UNESCO Charolais Bocage

Le camping est à proximité immédiate de la piscine, mais également de tous les commerces du centre ville et de ses restaurants .

Welcome to Charolles

From the top of its hill, the Charles Le Téméraire Tower watches over its many historical remains from the 15th and 16th centuries.

Cradle of the world-famous bovine and ovine breeds, Charolles is also famous for the artisanal manufacture of its Earthenware since 1844. The warm atmosphere of the yellow stone will guide you on the banks of the Arconce and the Semence rivers, surrounding the city nicknamed the "Little Venice of the Charolais"

La tour de Charles le Téméraire à Charolles par ADT 71
Charolles, Village Etapes
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